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401 Chapel Drive
Durham, NC, 27705
United States

Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Sales Policy

The apparel as shown on this website cannot otherwise be sold or copied. BluePrint and its parent company, Campus Enterprises, LLC, reserve the right to refuse service to any customers who try to copy and use the designs shown on the site. The customer must agree to have their design on the BluePrint website available for distribution to place an order. BluePrint is not directly responsible for collecting funds from individuals within a group or printing orders without receiving full payment. It is up to the customer to ensure all group members pay in a timely manner in order to procure the apparel ordered. 

Property Rights

BluePrint and its affiliates are the proprietary owners of all content on this website, including but not limited to logos, designs, images, etc. Any attempt to use or distribute this property physically and or virtually without explicit consent by BluePrint or Campus Enterprises, LLC is subject to legal action under copyright law.

Shipping and Pickup/Delivery Policy

By submitting an order through BluePrint, the customer takes on the full risk associated with shipping, delivery, and transportation issues. It is up to the customer to correctly input their shipping information and distribute this information to their respective group. BluePrint is not responsible for shipping and/or delivery errors.

Payment Policy

BluePrint uses Tilt as their payment mechanism. An order will not go through and a customer will not be charged if there are not enough contributors to an order. The customer will not receive the order until the payment is made. Orders delivered beyond the city of Durham, NC may be subject to shipping costs at the discretion of BluePrint.


BluePrint, since it prints apparel on an order-to-order basis, does not accept returns on any grounds. If there is a problem with your order, please email to sort out the issue.