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401 Chapel Drive
Durham, NC, 27705
United States


What is BluePrint?

BluePrint is an apparel company that is a division of Campus Enterprises, Duke's oldest student-run business. We strive to provide quality apparel and customized items to student groups at Duke and across the country.

How do I create an order?

Go to the "Create Apparel" page and fill out the form! We'll review the information and email you back a price quote as soon as possible. If you see a design on our website that you would like to re-order, just let us know.

What if I don't know the sizing breakdown and quantity and just want to see what the shirt would look like? 

That's fine! Just let us know that you're still figuring things out. We can send you a mockup and help you with your order from there.

I don't have a design and I don't know how to make one. What should I do? 

Don't sweat it! Write out a detailed description of what you're looking for, and we will work with you to create the perfect design for your organization.

How does payment work?

We offer a group payment system through Tilt. If your group prefers, we also take payment via check or credit card payment.

What is Tilt?

Tilt is a group payment platform that allows individuals to chip in towards a group's total. It takes all of the hassle out of being an apparel chair, making it easy to collect money for your group's apparel order.

Why didn't my order go through on Tilt?

If a Tilt doesn't reach the minimum number of orders, the order is cancelled and your card isn't charged. Most order minimums are set around 25. 

How long do orders take?

Our average turnaround time is 2 weeks, but we have completed and delivered orders in just one week! If you have urgent time constraints, just let us know.

How does licensing work? 

We work with a Duke and Greek licensed vendor to create our licensed apparel. Duke groups are required to go through a Duke licensed vendor to maintain the integrity of the Duke image, and the same applies for Greek groups. If you go through us, you can be assured that your design is fully licensed and approved!